DHC’s Inclusive Horror

What does “inclusive horror” mean to you? At Denver Horror Collective, it’s all about opening our doors to dark fiction writers of any background, no matter their publication history. That and twenty bucks cold hard cash.

Thanks to indie and self-publishing, it’s never been easier for us writers to get our work out into the world. At the same time, for most of us it’s tricky as ever to find readers. And that’s where a pack makes all the difference.

(Creative Commons art by Azany)

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Denver Horror Collective partners with virtual horror book club

The new year brings new ways to enjoy horror, including a partnership between Denver Horror Collective and The Thing in the Labyrinth horror book club. The collaboration between the two will be official in January 2023, introducing DHC members and fans to the monthly virtual book club that centers its reads on horror – novels, novellas, poetry, and more. In January, the short story horror collection, The Emaciated Man and Other Terrifying Tales from Poe Middle School, by Evan Baughfman will be discussed.

In 2018, the well-known and Instagram famous The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, Calif. launched The Thing in the Labyrinth horror book club hosted by horror author Kathryn E. McGee. When the pandemic hit, the book club (like so many other events) went online, where it gained a larger audience from across the U.S. During this time, the book club changed hands and hosts to horror author A.E. Santana who continues the club in a virtual space. To view previous books read under McGee, see here. To view previous books read under Santanta, see here.

In partnership with DHC, The Thing in the Labyrinth will continue virtually via Zoom and take place on the fourth Sunday of every month at 8:30 pm MT. During November and December, The Thing in the Labyrinth presents the short story special event with flexible dates and times due to the rush of the season. For upcoming book club meeting information, including registration info, please sign up for The Thing in the Labyrinth’s newsletter here.

On Sunday, January 22, at 8:30 pm MT, The Thing in the Labyrinth will be discussing the short story horror collection The Emaciated Man and Other Terrifying Tales from Poe Middle School by Evan Baughfman. A great collection for younger or adult readers, these 15 stories are a perfect mix of spooky and middle school antics. Readers may purchase a copy here.

Hope to see you there!

GET SPOOKY WITH DHC – Saturday, Oct. 15 @2 pm, Standley Lake Library, Arvada

With torch and pitchfork, vigilant townsfolk have kept Denver Horror Collective at bay in our lair for years. Sure, once in a while, a few of us have snuck out to horrorize the peaceful countryside. But for the most part, we’ve been hibernating, sustaining ourselves with the offal we’ve scavenged during these lean years of plague.

But now we’re hungry, and we must feed again…

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