Horror Author Review Chain

Coming up with an idea. Banging out the first draft. Feedback and critiques. Polishing that second, third, or more drafts. Submitting the manuscript. Rejection. Rejection. Rejection. Despair. Publication!

At long last, your hard work has paid off and you can sit back and reap the well-earned rewards…right? RIGHT?!

Perhaps the most frustrating part of being a horror author isn’t any of the above but getting sales for your book.

Due to the rising popularity of the genre, there are more readers than ever before—and more authors. Meaning, no matter how great your book is, it’s tricky to get it to stand out from the crowd.

Self-promotion can work, but there are downsides. First, you need to dish out some cash to bust through social media algorithms. Second, prospective readers are skeptical when an author sings the praises of their own work. Third, if you market yourself too much, people stop following you.

In other words, we could all use some help getting our books out there. Submitting to reviewers is a great option, but those folks are flooded by requests every day, so the chance they choose your book is pretty small.

What if there was a way for authors to recruit OTHER AUTHORS to promote their work? Of course, this happens already, though it’s usually friends and/or as quid-pro-quo. Not only is this transparent to readers, popular online booksellers are now deleting these mutual reviews.

But never fear, Denver Horror Collective is here with its HORROR AUTHOR REVIEW CHAIN!

The concept is simple:

  1. Sign up with your book info.
  2. Pick an author.
  3. Read, review, and share.*

“That’s all well and good,” you may be saying. “But how does helping other authors help ME?”

So glad you asked. Because that’s the power behind the HORROR AUTHOR REVIEW CHAIN. For every book you read, review, and share, you earn credits so OTHER authors (anyone but the one you reviewed) can pay back THEIR debt by doing the same for YOUR book!

The more books you promote, the more credits you earn, the more exposure your book gets! And that’s all there is to it.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up TODAY for the HORROR AUTHOR REVIEW CHAIN (all Denver Horror Collective members get 1 free credit)!


1) PICK an author’s book from the list and read it

2) WRITE a review of 3+ sentences and post on Amazon and Goodreads

3) SHARE that review with title, author, jpg of cover, and link to purchasing on:
a. Your blog/website
b. Personal and author social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) while tagging author
c. Post in 5 “horror fiction” Facebook groups
d. Tweet three times tagging 5 relevant accounts using the following hashtags (#horror #horrorfiction #horrorauthor #horrorfamily #horrorfam #horrorcommunity #horrorbooks #bookreview #bookreviews #authorsoftwitter)
d. Instagram post using these hashtags (#horror #horrorfiction #horrorauthor #horrorfamily #horrorfam #horrorcommunity #horrorbooks #bookreview #bookreviews #bookstagram #bookstagrammer)