Michael Picco

Michael Picco’s a nice guy who writes about very bad things: things with sharp teeth and voracious appetites; things that lie in wait in dark shadows; things that chitter and howl and scream and slither.

Michael has been hooked on horror since he read “The Outsider” by H.P. Lovecraft in third grade. Since then, he has contributed to a number of well-reviewed anthologies and has produced an award-winning collection of short stories: Scenes from the Carnival Lounge. His latest publishing credit (“Hey Nonny Ding-Dong, Alang, Alang, Alang”) appears in Craig Spector’s Anthology: Freedom of Screech. His latest collection, Corpse Honey, A Banquet of Gruesome Tales, is now available on Amazon.

HP Lovecraft, Stephen King, Jonathan Carroll, and Chuck Palahniuk were early and enduring influences on his writing and prompted him to study English as undergraduate. Michael received his B.A. in English (Cum Laud) in 1993 at Western State University.

By day, he plays a mild-mannered graphic designer.

Michael lives with a menagerie of monsters in the Colorado high country. He finds beauty in odd things, making people laugh, and writing things that disturb his mother.