Terry Ulick

Spending his childhood living, literally, in a car, Terry Ulick grew up fascinated by the Bible and the Dictionary. By 10, he had read the definition of every word and understood both books were mystical roadmaps. Though not religious, he knows they gave him the tools he needed most in life. Those two books, with hundreds of others along the way, inspired him to write new creation tales using words as the roadmap to journeys ahead.

When 13, as a runaway, he started earning money doing artwork, logos, and ads for small stores. With that money, still only 13, he started Renegade Company and published an underground newspaper which evolved to reporting exclusively on rock music. Still in his teens, he became a successful writer, publisher, and taught himself photography, taking landmark pictures of rock music royalty.

Playboy Magazine recruited him when he was 18 as art director and cover photographer based on his rock paper photography and design work. He left Playboy after three years to evolve Renegade Company to magazine publishing. His magazines were viewed as “bibles.” They wrote the commandments for all desktop and self-publishing to come. Evangelizing self-publishing as giving people tools for a better life, and he is regarded as the first person to advocate desktop publishing to democratize publishing for all people, not just large publishers. It was the new moving type, the new press for new bibles yet written.

After a long period of writing empowerment books, after a major life change he sat down one night, and not planning to, typed out a novel one letter at a time using his iPhone. The outcome was the “T: Demonic Investigator” Series. He pecked away with no thought as to what he was writing. He says the novels “channeled through him” and he was surprised when he read them once finished. Although pure fiction, he understands them to be guidebooks for understanding the nature of evil. 

“Right now, I am writing two very different series. My T: Demonic Investigator Series is paranormal — and shocking. My paranormal books are intended to be new mythology. The classic battle between dark and light, and a new perspective on creation, Heaven, abaddon, and the eternal battle for souls. They are sexually explicit, brutal in nature and not for sensitive readers. They are nasty… but they must be as I’m talking about the real world. My Folk Ballads Realized Series books are mythical adult fairy tales. Those are based on folk ballads 100 to 1,000 years old. Those songs tell the same story and have wisdom that I am in awe of.”

According to Ulick, both the paranormal books and the folk ballads are about a way to live. “There is light, there is dark. They are about both places. The reader can decide where they want to be. My books are ultimately about choosing which side you’re on.”

With an underlying theme of spiritual awakening, Ulick hopes the books will inspire readers.

“I write books. Can they change anyone’s life? No, they’re just books. But anyone reading them can see the roadmaps they contain and think about how the characters in the books read the signs and learn how evil exists in every aspect of life.”

To-date, his self-help, how-to and fiction books have sold over 500,000 copies. He isn’t that impressed as he states, “I’ve been writing professionally for over 50 years. 10,000 a year? Not bad, but I’m no YA influencer or a Kardashian. Oh, wait… those are all demons. I’m glad I’m not!”

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