Travis Guberud

I’m Travis Guberud, a horror, fantasy and science fiction writer originally from the Midwest city of La Crosse, along the Mississippi River. I was raised on the masterworks of giants —Tolkien, Lovecraft, and King to name a few. I’ve absorbed media in all forms since birth and funnel that love into my passion for storytelling.

I write to place my readers in a land of wonder and uncertainty. To push them out of their everyday problems and into a world of characters they can relate to, root for, and watch squirm, all at once.

When I’m not writing stories, I’m pacing, trying to connect the dots on a thousand unrelated plot ideas while my two black cats paw and mew at me in what I think is an attempt to help me in my writing process. I also enjoy making music, painting, skiing and browsing the local farmer’s market for healthy, delicious food to cook with my partner, Maya.

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