Dark Lit Market

A selection of dark fiction works for sale from Denver Horror Collective members.


Dining With Devils

From devils lurking in the woods, to devils slithering inside of you, this collection of horror stories takes a dark dive into the hell you create when you get a little too close to your demons. You might even find that sometimes your demons are the ones who love you the most.



After witnessing an ancient rite with a coyote-like creature in a remote Utah canyon, Jim— not your typical hero—tries to save the life of a young girl bound to the monster.


“The Gallery of Discarded Things” in This Is Not A Horror Story

Delve into an anthology of transgressive horror stories with Ceci n’est pas une histoire d’horreur (This is Not a Horror Story), the debut anthology from Night Terror Novels, edited by J.D. Keown.


“If I Shall Wake” in Terror at 5280′

A neighborhood won’t let its residents forget the past. One taste draws two lovers into a nightmarish addiction. A harsh winter forces strange creatures down from the mountains.

At sea level, where it’s safe, things like this can’t happen. But when you’re sky high in Denver, Colorado, anything goes…including your sanity.

Beware of Terror at 5280’, Denver Horror Collective’s local horror fiction anthology featuring 22 dark tales set in and around Denver and the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains penned exclusively by local authors.


Black House

Leire always knew she was different. Her flaming red hair, her uncanny skill with the needle, and most of all, her curiosity, set her apart in the prison-city of Hiria, dominated by the mysterious Black House. But only when she is arrested does Leire learn just how different she is. A descendant of the cursed witchbrood that haunted the city’s nightmares for centuries, she is the only one capable of stopping the plague of monstrous Black Walkers destroying Hiria.

Embarking on a quest through the twisted corridors and uncounted gateways of the Black House, Leire must learn the shattering truth about the city and about her own origin if she is to save Hiria and to be reunited with the man she has reluctantly fallen in love with.


Alternative Holidays

Alternative Holidays is an anthology that takes a dark—and sometimes humorous—look at many of our favorite holidays. You will be transported from the bottom of the sea to Mount Olympus, from shopping malls in hell to a bathtub in a cheap motel. Cthulhu awakens. Cupid becomes a vigilante. Santa grants deadly wishes. And that is just the beginning of your journey into alternative visions of the holidays we know, love, and sometimes fear. Be prepared to be shocked, titillated, and petrified. Alternative Holidays presents 43 works by award-winning and critically acclaimed authors of horror, science fiction, fantasy, and mystery.


Daughter of Illusion

Eli Thompson has witnessed many disturbing things in his life. When he receives a vision of despicable acts and isn’t sure what to do until a voice tells him that he needs to leave his comfortable home in Wyoming and go to Denver. Upon his arrival, Eli still doesn’t know why he’s there until his senses lead him to a restaurant in LODO where a grisly act has occurred.

After Detective Jonas Wechsler arrests Eli for being at a crime scene, they discover that other crimes involving a vanishing perpetrator are entwined with the same Fallen Angel, Agrat bat Mahlat, who desires to bring about change to the world by sacrificing men to Samael. Quickly, they learn that there are other players in this vile plan, one a pawn to carry out the Fallen Angel’s orders and two siblings, who were separated at birth.

Against heir Watchers’ wishes, Eli and Jonas decide to confront Agrat, finding themselves in a precarious predicament.


Bruised Souls & Other Torments

Fear resides in the soul.

A welcoming widow with a twisted appetite; a war-time evil lurking behind the face of a child; a father’s love gone horribly wrong; a deadly government solution; a new job with a demonic pay scale; a woman trapped in a mysterious house with no memory of who she is or how she got there. These are a mere glimpse of the terrors that lie in wait in this collection of horror short stories, sure to grip the psyche and torment the soul.


The Night Will Find Us

They say never go into the woods at night…

School’s out for summer and that means one thing to Parker, Chloe, and their four friends: a well-deserved camping trip in the Pine Barrens, a million-acre forest deep in the heart of New Jersey. But when old grudges erupt, an argument escalates into the unthinkable, leaving one of them dead and the killer missing. As darkness descends and those left alive try to determine a course of action, the forest around them begins to change…


Miss Addy Ger Rowe’s Camp for Unfortunate Souls

You had no idea what you were getting into when you stepped off the wagon at Miss Addy Ger Rowe’s Camp for Unfortunate Souls. No one here seems to know what really they’re doing, there are hazards and dangerous tasks everywhere and some swear the camp is haunted.

The goal of the game is simple: survive long enough to make it home!

Miss Addy Ger Rowe’s Camp for Unfortunate Souls is a rules light RPG, playable by 2-5 players in one session.


“Feast of the Senses” in Consumed: Tales Inspired by the Wendigo

Hunger that changes you…consumes you…turning you into a nightmare version of what you once were. From desolate snowy mountains and apocalyptic wastelands to New York’s sex clubs and virtual encounters, Denver Horror Collective brings you, dear reader, visions of horror inspired by the Wendigo.


Bergdorf & Associates

Down and out Abraham Kos has been a contract hand to the 72 Spirits of Solomon (demons to some, djinn to others) ever since his attempted suicide. The jobs Abe performs are generally simple, if questionable, but the most recent task posed by Abe’s handler, Bergdorf, is proving unusually difficult. To complicate matters further, a powerful young woman named Rayne has been assigned the same task. To win the ensuing game of “keep away,” Abe will have to enlist the aid of his telepathically linked twin nieces, a brujo in training, and his dementia-afflicted father.


Corpse Honey: A Banquet of Gruesome Tales

A collection of twelve gruesome tales, drawing inspiration from the natural world, folklore and fever dreams. Within these pages, you will find the lesser-known horrors that lurk in the shadows of our world: the possessed, the cursed and the afflicted — and worst of all, the monsters with the all-too-human faces.


American Cannibal

A mother and daughter negotiate the Oregon Trail with grisly results; an elementary teacher watches the carnage of The Challenger explosion spill over into her own classroom. A possible prospector traveling west is drawn to an isolated inn where no one walks away hungry; a 1950s housewife shares the gruesome repertoire of behavior expected of a proper lady. Prohibition and women’s suffrage, the Civil War and the Vietnam War, the JFK assassination conspiracy and the Y2K hysteria: the annals of American history are reimagined with a side order of cannibalism by twenty of the biggest names writing horror fiction today.


“Imperial Slaughterhouse” in Latinx Screams

Latinx Screams: an anthology of Latinx horror stories from some of the most stellar voices writing today.



The absentmindedness. The nonsensical ramblings. The blank stares. Ward Ayers, physically disabled and confined to his Jersey Shore home, can only watch in dismay as his beloved wife Malina slips further and further into dementia.

But when Ward catches a glimpse of a strange appendage in place of Malina’s tongue, he fears the woman he’s loved for half a century isn’t succumbing to Alzheimer’s but transforming into something…not quite human. As he tries to make sense of his wife’s disturbing changes, he starts wondering if he’s the one losing his mind. 

Until, finally, Ward uncovers the dark force behind Malina’s decline and must plumb the depths of sacrifice and selfishness to reclaim his wife and preserve humanity’s future.



S. Michael Siegal takes you on a terrifying tale beginning with the murder and decapitation of a Colorado gold miner in a wood cabin in Dumont. The cabin, which was believed to be haunted, amasses more lives throughout the years until a fire mysteriously destroys it. The land, where the cabin once stood, is purchased by Danny Goodstein, a real estate developer, who builds the Mill City Casino and Hotel. Did the ghosts find a new victim to torment, was Danny the one they had chosen? Will he eventually yield to the horrors where the gold miner’s cabin once stood?


Geminus: A Time Travel Novella

Time is a fickle thing. Is the future as fixed as the past?

Cassie and Helen are twins spawned from a bolt of lightning that struck their mother while she was pregnant, as if from Zeus himself, or so their mother told them.

Like millions of other twin’s they share a special bond.

However, their bond is unlike any other, for Cassie remembers the future while Helen experiences the present. A fact the girls and their mother have kept secret from the world.

As Cassie and Helen head off to college their lives are about to be irrevocably changed forever.


Chopping Spree

Eden Hills, Minnesota is famous for one thing—its ’80s inspired Fashion Mall. When high school junior, Penny, lands a job at one of its trendy stores, she notices her teen coworkers all wear a strange symbol they won’t explain.

Suspicious but wanting to belong, she agrees to stay after closing for a party in the closed store. Her fun turns to terror when Penny discovers a mortally wounded boy and learns there is a killer loose in the mall. Soon the teens are running for their lives. 

Will Penny discover the truth behind the mall cabal and survive to slay another day, or will she fall victim to the galleria of gore?


“Snake Man” in Twisted Pulp Magazine #3

Twisted Pulp Magazine is an anthology collection of art, articles, stories and other manglings of the English language. If you dream of a time when kitsch was king and pulp was a bit pulpy-er, then the noir, sci-fi,horror, black comedy, and more in Twisted Pulp Magazine is for you. If you don’t yearn for the days of camp, mysterious magazines, and satire then it probably isn’t.


Angels and Demons Unleashed

A shocking story of the Angels and Demons featured in the T Trilogy, this book starts with April May, the sweet Earth Angel as she recalls her innermost secret…

Angels & Demons Unleashed takes you where no reader should go:

Into the desires of true demons. With life eternal, they fear nothing. Now, a new breed of Angels is created with the power of Heaven — and hell.


Adrian’s Children: Blood Work

What happens when your blood becomes changed? What happens when it changes you?

Everyone knows vampires aren’t real…right? But what if they were? And what if it wasn’t a ‘what if’? Mr. Crisp would like to have you for a drink and talk about it.

Set in a modern-day era where monsters only exist in myths and movies, Adrian Crisp is the world’s first vampire!

But if he has it his way…he won’t be the last.


The Music of Vengeance

The Music of Vengeance rides hard as a tale of a military-trained assassin in pursuit of the pestilence known as the “Rat-Catcher.” Preceded by a glimpse into the hell our rat-race world has become, the harrowing showdown delivers in the realm of world-ending, flesh-creeping horror.



Nate Camden, a fourteen-year-old who dreams of becoming a Navy SEAL, has just moved into Dark Pine Hills.

There are rumors that the surrounding forest is haunted. But that’s not the worst of it. Strange kids have come knocking. They want to come in and they won’t take no for an answer. Judging by their soulless black eyes, they may not even be human.

As soon as people begin seeing the Black Eyed Kids, terrible and deadly occurrences begin to take place. Are they causing it or warning of worse things to come? Nate will not only have to face the terrifying reality of the Black Eyed Kids, but also his worst fear about himself if he’s going survive and protect the ones he loves.