Dark Lit Market

A selection of dark fiction works for sale from Denver Horror Collective members.

Salvagium by Lanie Goodell

Summer Eastman has lost everything in her world. Her best friend, the family she chose, is murdered and she has no one to whom she can turn. Using the inheritance he left her, Summer buys an old Victorian home in Brattleboro, desperately seeking to escape the nightmare her life in New York has become. The house holds secrets, however. Secrets that can destroy Summer. With the help of town handyman, Cullen O’Conner, Summer must figure out what’s going on in her home, before anyone else dies.

Geminus: A Time Travel Novella by Cory Swanson

Time is a fickle thing. Is the future as fixed as the past?

Cassie and Helen are twins spawned from a bolt of lightning that struck their mother while she was pregnant, as if from Zeus himself, or so their mother told them.

Like millions of other twin’s they share a special bond.

However, their bond is unlike any other, for Cassie remembers the future while Helen experiences the present. A fact the girls and their mother have kept secret from the world.

As Cassie and Helen head off to college their lives are about to be irrevocably changed forever.

Handgina by Josh Schlossberg

A bitter, chauvinistic young man reeling from a breakup is convinced women have it easy compared to men. When what appears to be a vagina starts growing out of the palm of his hand, he faces a series of ordeals that help him see things from a new perspective.

William Zuni by Brenda Tolian

We all have our baggage; some carry it around. I tend to go for a more natural route. It only takes a couple of hours to dig a few feet down in a secluded place and throw the body in. I fill the hole and then make a rock arrangement that lends itself to a medicine wheel fabrication, the reason being that folks in this area follow superstition and look, but never touch. Sometimes I’ve been on the trail coming down out of the mountains and can’t help smiling to myself as white hippies tripping balls dance just outside the perimeter, believing they are in a sacred place when in reality they are worshiping at the mounds of past mistakes rectified.

Adrian’s Children: Blood Work by K.D. Webster

What happens when your blood becomes changed? What happens when it changes you?

Everyone knows vampires aren’t real…right? But what if they were? And what if it wasn’t a ‘what if’? Mr. Crisp would like to have you for a drink and talk about it.

Set in a modern-day era where monsters only exist in myths and movies, Adrian Crisp is the world’s first vampire!

But if he has it his way…he won’t be the last.

The Music of Vengeance by Jeamus Wilkes

The Music of Vengeance rides hard as a tale of a military-trained assassin in pursuit of the pestilence known as the “Rat-Catcher.” Preceded by a glimpse into the hell our rat-race world has become, the harrowing showdown delivers in the realm of world-ending, flesh-creeping horror.

Dread by Joy Yehle

What would you do if a terrifying cyber-legend turned out to be real?

Nate Camden, a fourteen-year-old, who dreams of becoming a Navy SEAL, has just moved into Dark Pine Hills. It is a subdivision that has sat neglected and unfinished since the developer went out of business but his father’s company has taken on the task of recrafting the area into a high-end development. Nate hopes they work quickly because the deserted construction sights and half finished roadways give him the creeps.

Nate does his best to settle in and he quickly makes friends. He even secures a starting spot on the football team. But it doesn’t take Nate long to suspect there’s more to his unease than the blight. There are protesters trying to stop the building, claiming the area is a paranormal vortex and should not be developed. Then there are rumors that the surrounding forest is haunted. But that’s not the worst of it. Strange kids have come knocking. They want to come in and they won’t take no for an answer. Judging by their soulless black eyes, they may not even be human.

As soon as people begin seeing the Black Eyed Kids terrible and deadly occurrences begin to take place. Are they causing it or warning of worse things to come? Nate will not only have to face the terrifying reality of the Black Eyed Kids, but also his worst fear about himself if he’s going survive and protect the ones he loves.