Indie Horror Underground

Everyone’s buzzing about the “indie horror underground,” though no one’s quite sure what it is.

Okay, full disclosure: We literally made this term up just now. Still, we think it identifies a very real phenomenon in the horror fiction scene.

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DHC’s Inclusive Horror

What does “inclusive horror” mean to you? At Denver Horror Collective, it’s all about opening our doors to dark fiction writers of any background, no matter their publication history. That and twenty bucks cold hard cash.

Thanks to indie and self-publishing, it’s never been easier for us writers to get our work out into the world. At the same time, for most of us it’s tricky as ever to find readers. And that’s where a pack makes all the difference.

(Creative Commons art by Azany)

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Terror Tuesday: COYOTE by Charles Combee

While camping in a remote canyon in Utah Jim accidently sees an ancient rite taking place with a coyote like creature presiding over it. Now this creature wants Jim dead.

Audrey and her family go hiking in Utah and are attacked by this creature. Audrey is the only survivor, but she is pulled into a strange world of darkness and glass. She is ‘rescued’ by Jim, but is still linked to the creature, whose hold on her will end in her death unless Jim can find a way to break that link.

In his dreams, or are they ancient memories, Jim begins to learn more about Coyote as well as the magics that previously bound him. But those dreams end without teaching him the full magics. Can he find a way to free Audrey and stop Coyote from once again terrorizing humankind?

Get your print, e-book, or audiobook copy of COYOTE today!

MEMBER SALE! Sean Murphy to Wicked Shadow Press

Congrats to DHC member (and steering committee member), Sean Murphy, for selling his short story, “That Special Someone,” to Wicked Shadow Press.

Sean’s story passed through DHC’s Virtual Short Fiction Critique and will be published in the coming months!

Keep up the great work, Sean!