DHC member Terry Ulick is the author of 27 novels. One night, after a long period of writing empowerment books, Ulick sat down and typed out four books on his iPhone. The outcome was the T: DEMONIC INVESTIGATOR series.

ANGELS & DEMONS UNLEASHED (Renegade Company, 2021), the fourth book in his popular series, Takes you where no reader should go: into the desires of true demons. With life eternal, they fear nothing. Now, a new breed of Angels is created with the power of Heaven—and hell.


DHC member Elana Gomel is the author of more than one hundred short stories, several novellas, and four novels. Her story, “Where the Streets Have No Name,” was the winner of the 2020 Gravity Award, “Mine Seven” is included in THE BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR 13 edited by Ellen Datlow, and “Bread and Salt” appears in THE JEWISH BOOK OF HORROR.

Gomel’s new dark fantasy novel, BLACK HOUSE, “combines the terror of HOUSE OF LEAVES with the adventures of Narnia.”


DHC member Michael Picco has published over two-dozen short stories; produced two award-winning collections; and has received numerous accolades for his brand of literary horror which “explores the dark and disturbing recesses of what is possible.”

Pick up his latest collection, CORPSE HONEY: A BANQUET OF GRUESOME TALES on Amazon.