MEMBER SALE! Josh Schlossberg to D&T Publishing

DHC member Josh Schlossberg will have his short story “Sorry to Hear That” included in D&T Publishing’s DARK TOWN, an anthology to benefit the families of the victims of the Uvalde school shooting. His story first passed through DHC’s Virtual Short Fiction Critique.

Keep it up, Josh!

MEMBER SALE! Josh Schlossberg to Hiraeth Publishing

DHC member Josh Schlossberg has sold his short story, “The Ten Plagues (Modern Day Edition),” to Hiraeth Publishing for the anthology, INFRADEAD 2023: TALES OF HUMAN EXTINCTION. His story first passed through DHC’s Virtual Short Fiction Critique.

Nice job, Josh!

Terror Tuesday: AMERICAN CANNIBAL edited by Rebecca Rowland

Everything you were taught about the Land of Liberty is about to be history.

A mother and daughter negotiate the Oregon Trail with grisly results; an elementary teacher watches the carnage of The Challenger explosion spill over into her own classroom. A possible prospector traveling west is drawn to an isolated inn where no one walks away hungry; a 1950s housewife shares the gruesome repertoire of behavior expected of a proper lady. Prohibition and women’s suffrage, the Civil War and the Vietnam War, the JFK assassination conspiracy and the Y2K hysteria: the annals of American history are reimagined with a side order of cannibalism by twenty of the biggest names writing horror fiction today.

AMERICAN CANNIBAL edited by Rebecca Rowland (Maenad Press, 2023)

DHC’s Inclusive Horror

What does “inclusive horror” mean to you? At Denver Horror Collective, it’s all about opening our doors to dark fiction writers of any background, no matter their publication history. That and twenty bucks cold hard cash.

Thanks to indie and self-publishing, it’s never been easier for us writers to get our work out into the world. At the same time, for most of us it’s tricky as ever to find readers. And that’s where a pack makes all the difference.

(Creative Commons art by Azany)

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