DHC’s Inclusive Horror

What does “inclusive horror” mean to you? At Denver Horror Collective, it’s all about opening our doors to dark fiction writers of any background, no matter their publication history. That and twenty bucks cold hard cash.

Thanks to indie and self-publishing, it’s never been easier for us writers to get our work out into the world. At the same time, for most of us it’s tricky as ever to find readers. And that’s where a pack makes all the difference.

(Creative Commons art by Azany)

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with being a lone wolf, fending for oneself out on the frozen wastes. But, unless you’re one of the biggest, baddest out there, you’re going to be hungry a lot. On the other paw, a pack can work together to bring down even the most elusive prey— which, in this terrible analogy, is apparently horror fiction readers?

(DISCLAIMER: DHC does not, under any circumstances, condone murdering readers).

Of course, as with any pack, there are some wolves with more influence than others. But at DHC, these aren’t the ones hogging the kills or attacking rival wolves. To the contrary, the way to become an “Alpha” at DHC is by giving the most back to the pack, making sure others’ bellies are filled and they have a snug spot out of the cold.

If you’re thinking about joining (or re-joining) the DHC pack, check out membership perks now!