Critical Horror Theory

Okay, there’s no such thing as “critical horror theory.” But if there was, it might have something to do with how your greatest growth as a writer—and reader!—comes from learning how to critique others’ fiction.

Obviously, getting one’s own work critiqued is essential to honing the craft. But those who regularly take part in writing critique groups know that developing the ability to shore up the weaknesses and maximize the strengths of another’s writing ultimately rubs off on your own.

Which is why we invite you, dark writers and readers both, to attend one of our three monthly writing critique groups!

If you’re the old-fashioned type who still values face-to-face human contact, our In-Person Short Fiction Critique is on Thursday, July 7 @ 7 pm at Enchanted Grounds in Highlands Ranch. Just RSVP via Facebook, Meetup, or by emailing host Sean Murphy at seanmurphy5292 [at], and read the stories here.

If you’re writing a novella, novel, or screenplay, you might want to join our Virtual Long-Fiction Group on Saturday, July 9 @ 12 pm. Just contact host Henry Snider at dhc [at] henrysnider [dot] com for more info.

If you’d rather stay at home and not put on any pants, our Virtual Short Fiction Critique is taking place on Monday, July 18 @ 6:30 pm on Zoom. Just RSVP via Facebook or by emailing host Joy Yehle at yehlej [at], and read the stories here.

Whatever your poison, we hope to see/hear/smell you soon!