A Rising (Blood) Tide Lifts All (Pirate) Ships

As we sink into the depths of Decemetery, what better time to reflect on what makes Denver Horror Collective unique?

It’s all in the word collective. And pirates (more on that in a sec).

DHC is no top-down organization where one person tells everyone else what to do and how to do it. While our 10-person Steering Committee steers the ship, ANY member can propose a project, and if approved (100% thus far) the DHC world is their oyster. Members can seek involvement from 50+ fellow members and hundreds of affiliates—anything from volunteer time to funding—and DHC will spread the word through The Epitaph, the DenverHorror.com blog, and our popular Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

Recent projects have included the DHC PANDEMIC FUND, where we disbursed $1,000 to three DHC members in need of a boost; our Indiegogo fundraising for CONSUMED: TALES INSPIRED BY THE WENDIGO, the 2020 anthology edited by Hollie & Henry Snider; and the groundbreaking, just published, THE JEWISH BOOK OF HORROR.

Most horror writers are lone pirates fending for themselves on the vast open sea, taking on the roles of captain, first mate, navigator, deckhand, and even cook! The upside is that, if you find plunder, you get to keep it all for yourself. The downside is that it can get lonely out there, and when trouble hits, there’s no one there to bail you out.

But if you join DHC’s fleet, when storms come, you spring a leak, or are attacked by ghost ships, fellow pirates have your back. When the seas are glass, you have others with whom you can sing sea shanties and share a glass of grog. While you won’t be able to hoard all the plunder, your raids can be more frequent and rewarding compared to going it alone.

As the saying goes, a rising blood tide lifts all pirate ships. And—if you haven’t already—we hope you’ll join Denver Horror Collective today!