GET SPOOKY WITH DHC – Saturday, Oct. 15 @2 pm, Standley Lake Library, Arvada

With torch and pitchfork, vigilant townsfolk have kept Denver Horror Collective at bay in our lair for years. Sure, once in a while, a few of us have snuck out to horrorize the peaceful countryside. But for the most part, we’ve been hibernating, sustaining ourselves with the offal we’ve scavenged during these lean years of plague.

But now we’re hungry, and we must feed again…

On Saturday, October 15 from 2-4 pm at Standley Lake Library in Arvada, DHC members Gary Robbe, Desi D, Jeff Wood, Joy Yehle, and Thomas C. Mavroudis will read morsels of their own original horror fiction, all made possible by librarian and horror/thriller author, Sean Eads. RSVP on Facebook so we know you’re coming!

We urge you to attend, and not simply to revel in these spooky stories in the midst of the Halloween season. But because we need stout and hardy villagers in attendance to make sure our dark scribes keep their mayhem to the written page.