DHC Table, Panels, and Readings at StokerCon

Check out Denver Horror Collective at StokerCon in Denver from May 12-15

All Conference

DHC table (Dealer’s Room)

Thursday, May 12

6 pm
Author reading with Shannon Lawrence

Friday, May 13

9 am
“In This Space, They Can Hear You Scream: Audiobooks, Podcasts, Audio Adaptations” with Shannon Lawrence

10 am
Author reading with Thomas C. Mavroudis

11 am
Author reading with Josh Schlossberg

12:15 pm
“Literature and Nature” with Brenda Tolian

1:30 pm
“Horror Press Roundtable” with Josh Schlossberg

3 pm
“Whatever Possessed You? Different Traditions of Demonic and Spiritual Possession in Horror” with Thomas C. Mavroudis & Josh Schlossberg

Saturday, May 14

9 am
“Interactive Horror; How Board Games, Card Games, RPGs, and Video Games Brings You Into the Horror” with Matt Sprague

9 am
“Finding Your Scooby Gang: Building a Network and Professional Relationships in Horror Publishing” with Thomas C. Mavroudis

12 pm
“From Lone Wolf to Werewolf Pack: Starting and Sustaining a Local Horror Writers’ Group” with Sean Murphy, Desi D, Thomas C. Mavroudis, Josh Schlossberg, Matt Sprague, and Joy Yehle

1 pm
“Digging Up Graves: Tips for researching and writing horror non-fiction” with Brenda Tolian

5 pm
“Read My Book, Please! Advice and Techniques for Attracting a Readership and Interesting People in Your Book” with Joy Yehle

Sunday, May 15

9 am
Author reading with Joy Yehle