Denver Horror Collective Is Dead

Denver Horror Collective has been ruthlessly spreading the horror since 2017. With over fifty members, not only has DHC become the most dangerous collection of dark scribes in Denver and across Colorado, but throughout the entire Rocky Mountain Region.

Yet during our last Steering Committee meeting, in the midst of all the strife in the world today, we asked ourselves: What the heck are we doing?

Our response to creeping darkness is to pile on MORE of the shadow? Our reflex when we see pain and suffering is to get people to imagine the WORST possible outcomes? What kind of people are we, truly, if this negativity is our contribution to society, to the future of humankind?

So we slept on it, reconvened the next day, and made an unanimous decision: Denver Horror Collective is no more.

But don’t worry, we haven’t given up our important mission of writers helping writers, we’re just changing our subject matter.

No longer will any DHC authors be allowed to tell disturbing tales of creeping through graveyards, demonic possession, or strange creatures in the mountains. Instead, we’ll only share stories about how to take care of your new puppy, ways to appreciate grandma and grandpa, and the joys of summer camp.

After a 6-year reign of terror, Denver Horror Collective is dead! Long live Denver CHILDREN’S Collective! Nothing but happy fiction written exclusively for our youngest, most precious generation!

Not only will our newfound perspective benefit kids, it’ll benefit ourselves. We DHC members have been slowly driving ourselves insane by focusing on the worst aspects of life, magnifying the shadow while lying to ourselves about “catharsis” or the “redemptive process” of reading and writing horror. As anyone who thinks about it for more than a minute can tell you, that’s all bullsh—sorry, wee ones are listening!—bull poop.

For those of you who resist the inevitable changes, we’re afraid this must be goodbye, as minds unsound as yours that actually CRAVE THE DARKNESS are unfit to be anywhere near our littl’uns. At some point in your miserable existence we hope you, too, see the light, and do as we’ve done by replacing your loathsome tastes with far more wholesome ones that just might save your damned, rotten soul.

Brightest Regards (and April Fools!),
Denver Horror Collective