The 4th Circle: Interview with CHARLES COMBEE (author of COYOTE)

-Interview by Desi D

1. As a writer, how would you describe your inspiration? And your process?

My inspiration springs from a variety of things. I can be inspired by a character in a television show, movie, or book. Or I can be inspired by the grandeur and mysticism of our natural world.

My process is to “see” a moment in time and then I build from that moment. For COYOTE, the novel that I wrote, it all started with an idea of a man climbing out of a canyon in the dark while being pursued by a monster.

2. What author do admire? And why?

I admire many authors but the one I would choose is Neil Gaiman. I love his characters with their basis in myth and legend. I admire his ability to create characters that are whimsical and yet incredibly powerful and dangerous.

3. As a writer, when starting a new project do you focus more on setting, character, or plot? And why?

When I’m starting a new project I focus on character. I must see a character and embody them in some fashion before I can start. The setting comes next and then I develop the plot from the two together.

4. What is it about the horror genre that excites you? And of course, what is the next story we can look forward to reading from you?

I am excited by the horror genre because of the endless possibilities. If you can imagine it, you can use it. I also enjoy the capacity to take characters that could otherwise be boring and make them into interesting heroes or heroines.

I’m currently working on a couple of different ideas. One involves the “real” reason the Nazca lines were made, along with some characters from our current world. The other is about the grim reaper and how he’s really tired of his job and trying to figure some way out.