“Cheesman Park Haunted Tour” with Magpie Paranormal

DHC was lucky enough to go on an endarkening ghost tour of Cheesman Park and its surrounding neighborhoods, considered by nearly all accounts to be the most haunted—and genuinely disturbing—spot in Denver.

Magpie Paranormal presented the two-hour walking tour lead by historian and paranormal specialist Sam Carstens and Karen Magpie. We won’t give too much away—we encourage you to take the tour yourself for only $25—but we’ll share a few tidbits.

As you may know, Cheesman Park was once a cemetery, and while many of the bodies were relocated a century ago, thousands still remain in unmarked graves. Even more grisly, recent construction in the area—including near Denver Botanic Gardens—brought more bodies to the surface. Indeed, as we walked through the park, we could see sunken spots that may or may not be former—or current—plots.

Yet the tour wasn’t limited to the park and its ghosts alone but included stops at some of the most historic homes in the city, each with its own spirit(s) and legend. The tour even extended to buildings razed years ago, one of which had a tragic history that inspired the 1980 film, THE CHANGELING with George C. Scott.

DHC darkheartedly encourages any Coloradan, or visitor to the Centennial State, to take this fascinating and slightly unnerving tour. And the next time you’re strolling through the park on a sunny day, perhaps you’ll think twice about what’s underfoot.