Become a Denver Horror Collective Member for $20!

It’s hard to believe it’s been over 2 years since the spawning of Denver Horror Collective, our local group of horror writers and artists. Now DHC has a website/blog, bi-weekly writers critique group, novel-writing subgroups (coming soon), book club, The Epitaph newsletter, podcast, events (including Defy Your Demons & Music To My Fears), and our first anthology, Terror at 5280’!

DHC Sticker Draft1 1600 x 1200

Needless to say, we must sacrifice a bit of flesh to keep this monster well-fed (to pay for website hosting & URLs, events organizing, marketing/promotion/advertising, publishing, etc.) which is why we’re now offering bona fide membership in Denver Horror Collective!

For only $20 per year as a Denver Horror Collective Active Member you’ll get:

  • Opportunities to submit short stories/novel chapters for critique in Denver Horror Writers bi-weekly meetings
  • The option of joining a novel writing critique subgroup
  • Your own personal webpage on DHC website with name, bio, photo, and links (or whatever you want)
  • Free entry to DHC events
  • Access to private members-only Facebook group
  • “6(66) Questions” interview in The Epitaph newsletter
  • Opportunity to submit stories/articles to The Epitaph
  • Your fiction and/or events promoted via social media
  • A DHC sticker
  • $10 (over 20% off) paperback copies of Terror at 5280’
  • $13 (35% off) T-shirts featuring DHC logo by The Rïpröck

What if you’d like to be a part of DHC but aren’t willing to part with that $20 just yet? Then our free Affiliate Membership might be for you!

As an Affiliate Member you can join our public Facebook group to stay abreast of all our goings on as well as attend bi-weekly Denver Horror Writers meetings (you only need to become an Active Member if you want to submit your work for critique).

To join, send an email to or message us through the Denver Horror Collective Facebook group or page!

Darkest Wishes,
Denver Horror Collective Steering Committee
Melinda Bezdek, Bobby Crew, Desi D, Thomas C. Mavroudis, Sean Murphy, Gary Robbe, Josh Schlossberg & Jeamus Wilkes