Denver Horror Collective’s New Business Venture!

When you think of Denver Horror Collective, what comes to mind?

For most, it’s a genuinely inclusive space for dark fiction writers of all backgrounds to inspire, improve, and support one another’s work. For others, it’s our popular and award-winning anthologies, TERROR AT 5280’, CONSUMED, and THE JEWISH BOOK OF HORROR. Some think of our effective and affordable Horror Author Marketing, while a few know us from our “Read Indie Horror” shirts.

But now we’re proud to announce a new project that will blow the rest out of the water: Denver Horror Collective Babysitting!

We know what you’re thinking: Writing horror does not qualify someone to be entrusted with the care of another’s child!

But let us ask you this: What’s the most important babysitter skill of them all? That’s right: reading bedtime stories. And not only are DHC members skilled readers, we come with an unlimited supply of fiction. Better yet, the disturbing content of our stories is enough to keep even the brattiest kid in line.

Best of all, proceeds will cover the rent of Denver Horror Collective’s sprawling mansion in the mountains, our lavish feasts, and all-expenses-paid trips to exotic locales for steering committee members. While the authors doing the babysitting won’t receive payment themselves, they’ll be more than compensated with the vital exposure. After all, if you hook a child on your work, you’ve got a reader for life!

So, if you’ve got a rugrat that needs minding while you’re out on the town, please consider DHC Babysitting today.